Monday, January 25, 2016

How Do You Know If Your Child Is Camp Ready?

When kids hear about sleepaway camps, they get excited with the adventures: sleepover at cabins, the challenging high ropes course, water sports such as wakeboarding and the staple of summer camp - smore’s. But how do you know if they are ready to set off to this grand overnight summer camp adventure? Here are some guidelines to help you evaluate if your child is ready for such activity.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Are Water Sports in Camps Safe?

Water sports are a popular camp activity that offers many benefits to kids such as increased coordination, self-confidence and physical development. While kids just think they are having fun water skiing and wakeboarding, they are also engaging in exercise that will enhance their overall health. As a parent, it is natural to be a little apprehensive about allowing your child to participate in water activities, yet camps take the following precautions to ensure that every participant is safe.

Swimming and Water Safety Lessons

When a camp offers water sports as a recreational option, kids always begin by learning about basic water safety. Camp counselors and instructors teach basic concepts such as how to enter and exit the water safely along with the importance of always being supervised by a competent adult. Kids will also take part in swimming lessons designed to make sure they have the skills they need to successfully participate in their preferred water sport.

Instructor Training and Certification

In every camp water sport program, ongoing instructor training is an essential part of the safety plan. It is important to make sure that coaches are certified Lifesaving Society lifeguards who also have undergone first aid training. They should also take part in training regarding the latest instructional techniques for working with kids of all ages and abilities. With the combination of extensive training and experience, you can rest assured that your kids are in competent hands.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

When it comes to water sports, well-maintained equipment is a main line of defense against potential injuries. The camp program you choose should have life jackets that meet standards for water safety available for each kid. Boats, water skis, wakeboards and ropes should all be inspected regularly and repaired or replaced as necessary. Camps should always be open to discussing their inspection and maintenance schedules with parents as requested.

On-Site Medical Care

Although every effort is made to ensure that injuries do not occur, knowing that a certified physician is nearby will provide you with peace of mind. This is especially important if your kid will be attending an overnight camp. A doctor and nurse that remains on-site 24-hours a day can ensure that your kid receives prompt medical attention for any potential injuries such as a scrape or sprain.

Individualized Instruction

Water sport coaching begins on dry land with each kid learning basic skills such as how to put on a life jacket and handle sporting equipment. As kids progress to the level of being allowed to practice on the water, coaches work in teams to ensure that enough adult supervision is available to keep everyone safe. Small camper-to-coach ratios also ensure that each kid receives individual assessments before they move on to the next level of their sport. Opportunities to learn advanced skills, such as trick skiing, are provided only after a kid has demonstrated their competence at beginner levels.

The joy of being on the open water is something that every kid should experience. Water sports add an element of excitement as kids can take safe risks that encourage them to reach their full potential. As your kid learns to wakeboard or water ski, it is common to feel a little nervous at first. However, providing your kid with a safe place to learn new skills is a great way to introduce a lifelong love for spending time on the water.
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