Friday, September 30, 2016

Learning How to Dance at Summer Camp

Summer camp is often associated with outdoor pursuits such as waterskiing and fishing. However, today’s camps offer a well-rounded program that includes indoor activities such as dancing. Whether your child is interested in practicing ballet or modern hip hop styles, they will enjoy the following benefits of learning to dance during their summer camp experience.

Learn from Professional Instructors
Dance is a fine art that involves learning a combination of techniques that is best taught by trained professionals. Summer camp staff members are carefully selected to ensure that every child benefits from their training and expertise. At camp, your child will train beneath an instructor that is experienced in the world of dance, and many instructors have performed professionally. They understand how to break down the choreography into simple steps that every child can master.

Practice in a Supportive Atmosphere
Learning a new dance technique takes time and practice. For this reason, summer camps foster an atmosphere that supports kids as they learn. From pairing beginners with advanced dancers for practice sessions to offering one-on-one lessons, summer camp instructors tailor their lessons to each child’s individual needs. Your child will also love spending time with their new camp friends doing one of their favorite activities.

Improve Skills with Cross Training
Many professional dancers include training in other sports as part of their lessons. This is because activities such as gymnastics help to strengthen their flexibility. At summer camp, your child can participate in other types of training that support the skills they are learning in dance class. For example, sports such as soccer and baseball help to increase your child’s physical strength and endurance. As these skills develop, they will shine through in every dance recital.

Perfect Techniques with Consistent Practice
As a parent, one of the hardest things about teaching children a new art form or sport is getting them to practice. When dance lessons are simply part of a child’s daily schedule at camp, fitting in practice sessions is easy. Every day, your child will wake up knowing what time they will be practicing, and they will look forward to the opportunity to gather with their friends doing something they consider to be an enjoyable part of their daily routine.

Develop Confidence Through Performances
Children are often comfortable performing alone or in class, but they get nervous once it becomes time to dance in front of a crowd. Developing self-confidence is a gradual process at camp since children begin performing only in front of their fellow campers. Over time, talent shows and visitor days provide additional opportunities for children to practice performing in front of an audience. With each successful performance, your child’s confidence will soar.

Knowing how to dance is a skill that will transfer into every area of your child’s life. The confidence they gain through performing will help them become better public speakers, and practicing dance techniques is a fun type of exercise that increases your child’s physical health. At camp, dance lessons are written into your child’s day so that they always have an opportunity to perfect their technique with the support of trained instructors as well as their friends.

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