Sunday, November 26, 2017

Archery - A New Sport for Your Kids

Archery is one sport that is currently surging in popularity. While bows and arrows have always fascinated kids, your child can also take their interest to a new level by engaging in archery competitions. They might just be curious about the sport or actually interested in becoming a competitive archer. There are some things you need to know about getting them involved in one of the most inclusive sports around the world.

It’s Safer Than Other Sports
Parents sometimes worry about their child’s safety when bows and arrows are involved. However, archery equipment and ranges are all designed with safety in mind. New archers are taught the safety rules first such as always making sure that their shooting range is clear before releasing their arrow. They are also encouraged to wear protective gear such as wrist guards. The guards are to prevent getting burned by the bow. Since archery is a no-contact sport, archers enjoy a lower chance of getting hurt than if they played other group sports such as football.

Any Kid Can Play
Today, many sports are capable of being modified to fit the needs of a child with disabilities. However, archery is well-suited for kids with a wide range of abilities. Whether your kid learns to pull their bow from a wheelchair or simply needs a less strenuous sport to avoid triggering their asthma, your child can benefit from taking part in an archery class. In fact, this is one sport that allows each child to stand out based upon their individual achievements while still playing as part of a team.

Develop Greater Self-Discipline
Kids tend to have a natural sense of exuberance that is hard to contain. Archery classes at summer camp aim to help kids learn how to slow down and think before they act. As your child gains the ability to focus their mind completely on the task at hand, this newfound sense of self-discipline also translates to their other sports and academic studies.

Work Towards Goals
At first, learning to hold the bow correctly and maintain proper form takes work. Yet, kids quickly progress in their classes. And, before they know it, they are beginning to set serious archery goals. For example, your kid may choose to focus on hitting their target as they stand further distances away. Or they may set a goal to hit smaller targets. Either way, learning to set and work toward goals gives your youngster skills that they will use for the rest of their life.

Strengthen Coordination
Successfully hitting a target requires a child to use their entire body to maintain proper form and draw back on the bow. Kids will also improve their eye-hand coordination as they strive to hit the target. And the core muscle workout helps them develop better posture and balance. The best part is that they will hardly view this sport as exercise since they are so busy focusing on hitting the targets.

When you are looking for a new sport for your kids, it is important to carefully weigh factors such as the safety level and ease for a beginner to quickly begin to play. Archery hits every point when it comes to making sure that your child can be successful in mastering their goals. Enrolling them in archery classes gives them the best opportunities to exceed their wildest expectations.

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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Developing Teamwork at Summer Camp

The power of teamwork is evident throughout each day at summer camp as kids discover how working with other campers enhances their experience. Today, cultivating a team mindset in your child is increasingly important since they will be expected to work with others on group projects at school and later in their career. Playing sports during the school year goes a long way toward helping your child develop the ability to work as part of a team. Summer camp offers a unique set of opportunities for your child to develop an appreciation for the beauty of teamwork.
Recognizing and Learning to Use Individual Differences
Kids come to summer camp with unique personalities and skill sets that all contribute to the team. However, it takes time and experience for kids to learn how to view individual differences as a benefit for their team activities. As kids practice and play sports together, they learn how to identify each person’s individual strengths. Then, they begin to practice applying what they learned by encouraging each person to use their strengths to help meet team goals. Since every kid has something special to contribute, everyone can stand out while still maintaining a team mindset.
Providing Opportunities to Develop Confidence and Leadership
Being part of a team means working with others. Yet, it takes true confidence to know how to stand back and let someone else shine for the sake of the team. Every team also needs a leader who can help draw out each person’s abilities. Summer camp programs allow every child to have an opportunity to lead the group, whether they are hiking or planning a strategy to reach the top of a rope course. As kids participate in these types of team challenges, they also develop the confidence to continue striving toward improving their ability to reach goals with the other campers.
Practicing Teamwork in Challenging Situations
It is not easy being on a team. At times, conflicts arise that younger campers may not know how to handle. This is the reason every team activity at camp includes support from a staff member or older camper. They can help kids develop problem-solving skills. Whether two members of a team disagree about how to proceed during a soccer game, or the whole group is confused about how to navigate around a difficult whitewater rafting course, it is only through working out these challenges that kids can develop even stronger abilities to work with other kids.
Enjoying the Benefits of Learning to Work as a Team
Working as a team means sharing the load of responsibility. It also allows kids to learn from each other. For instance, playing on a basketball team can help a kid refine their individual skills at shooting a basket by watching what the other members of their group do. Teamwork also teaches kids positive communication skills, and having the support of their teammates encourages kids to strive toward higher achievements.
At camp, kids are always encouraged to adopt a team mindset. This allows them to thrive as individuals while also learning how to work together with others. Whether competing in a sports competition with a rival camp or gathering around the campfire to sing songs, learning how to work with others in their group is just another perk of spending the summer at camp.

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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Encouraging Kids to Be Great Leaders

Kids who are excellent leaders grow up to be successful adults. While some kids are natural born leaders, others need a little help to bring out their confidence. It is also important to know that even kids who naturally take the lead may need a little guidance to learn how to do so effectively. The great news is that encouraging kids to be great leaders simply requires giving them a nurturing environment in which they feel confident practicing their skills. Try these tips to help your child’s natural talents for leadership emerge.
Give Them Responsibilities
True leaders take responsibility for their actions and are willing to jump in and lend a hand whenever it is needed. At home, give your kid jobs that require them to think like a leader. For instance, you could involve them in planning how to paint their room, and let them recruit a friend or two to help. Alternatively, you could let your kids set up a lemonade stand for the weekend to build their leadership and entrepreneurial skills. Then, make sure that your child also has responsibilities at school and summer camp such as keeping their cabin or classroom clean.
Develop Their Self-Confidence
It takes confidence to lead a group or speak up when it is necessary. For this reason, confidence and leadership skills often go hand in hand. Provide your child with new experiences that encourage them to step out of their comfort zone. Ideally, these experiences should have some degree of challenge such as taking waterskiing lessons at camp or performing in front of a crowd in a play. Getting your kid to stretch their comfort level gives them the chance to conquer fears that get in the way of leadership.
Give Them Opportunities to Move Up As Leaders
It is important for kids to be given the chance to build upon their skills as a leader. For instance, summer camp helps turn shy kids into leaders by offering them safe opportunities to develop their skills such as being team captain for a scrimmage. As their talents emerge, campers are then given even more challenging roles such as leading a hike or showing another camper how to perform a skill. Eventually, campers can become camp counselors, which is the optimum way to practice leadership.
Talk About Their Triumphs and Challenges
The road to becoming a true leader is paved with both triumphs and defeats. After your child plays team captain or comes home from camp full of stories about how they led a hiking expedition, ask them about what they learned. As your child shares the challenges that they encountered, you can help them find solutions such as working harder to develop strong communication skills. Then, make sure to give your child plenty of praise to reinforce the positive feelings that come from being successful at leadership.
It is exciting to watch as your child slowly develops their confidence as a leader, and being in positions of leadership allows your child to fully reach their potential. By making sure that your child is given plenty of opportunities to develop their leadership skills at home, school and summer camp, you can look forward to watching as their talents grow and they emerge as leaders among their peers.

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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Exploring New Friendships at Summer Camp

New campers often worry about whether they will fit in at camp. Yet, it often takes only a few minutes after arrival before kids are sharing stories and laughing as if they’ve known each other for years. While kids make friends other places, there is just something different about camp that fosters closer relationships that stand out from the rest. When you drop your child off at camp, you can enjoy knowing that they are reaping the benefits of being able to explore new friendships during their outdoor adventures.
Bond Through New Experiences
The best friendships are those where you can look at someone and know that they will be there for you no matter what happens. At camp, kids are challenged every day to stretch out of their comfort zone. Their tasks to tackle might be spending the night in the wilderness or learning a new jump on their wakeboard. Having their friends standing there shouting their support and celebrating their success shows kids what it truly means to be a good friend.
Expand Your Child’s Horizons
Kids come to summer camp from all over the world. Campers quickly find a common ground with their love for adventures and the outdoors. At camp, your shy youngster may suddenly decide to take a new camper under their wing and emerge as an outgoing leader that summer. Alternatively, your teenager may decide to give gymnastics a try after meeting a friend who gets them excited about doing somersaults or flying through-the-air.
Develop Critical Social Skills
Camp is also all about learning how to live, work and play with others as a group. Your child’s cabin friends will all learn how to work together to keep their cabin clean and respect each other’s personal space. As expected, there are a lot of kids at camp. Your son or daughter will also learn how to make introductions and include newcomers to their group. Leadership skills are also gained as kids participate in their activities. And there are always plenty of opportunities to develop a team mindset that transfers to a kid’s ability to make friends once they return to home and school.
Form Long Lasting Relationships
It is important for kids to learn how to maintain their social ties despite distance or a gap in being able to see their friends. Camp friendships become so tight that kids often continue their relationship through the school year by writing letters, sending care packages and keeping up with each other on social media. By the time camp season rolls around again, they have found that their friendship is stronger than ever. In fact, camp friends feel as though returning to camp is very much like going home to a second family.

Kids rely upon their friendships to help them learn more about the world around them. They learn skills in a way that is different from what you can teach as a parent. At camp, your child is exposed to a diverse population of friendly kids. They are all eager to invite new friends into their circle. Over time, your youngster will form amazing friendships that enhance their happiness and give them an opportunity to practice those important relationship building skills that they will use throughout life.

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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Summer Camp - A World of Its Own

From the moment that kids arrive at summer camp, it becomes obvious that they have entered a completely different world. After all, the tranquil atmosphere created by tall pine trees and clear water on the lake instantly invites kids to just relax and enjoy the experience. As the summer hits full swing, it becomes clear that kids will be able to create a beautiful world that can only be understood by others who join them for their camping adventures.
Meet New Friends That Become Family
Cabin life is full of surprises. One of the first discovered by kids is that homesickness quickly goes away when they are having fun with their bunk mates. Late night stories, shared living spaces and eating meals together all make campers feel like one big happy family. Forming these bonds allow kids to build their sense of identity. Outside of the cabin, kids also quickly make new friends through shared interests. It is common to hear kids excitedly exclaiming with wonder as they find friends that love the same things they do.
Create Inside Jokes That No One Else Gets
As those friendships take hold, kids begin to form bonds that result in inside camper jokes that no one outside of camp fully understands. Nicknames can hold more than one meaning. Kids love reminding each other of how much fun they had by recalling old stories about their adventures. Being able to make a friend laugh with a single word or silly look is an amazing feeling that kids enjoy at camp. Many campers keep up with each other during the school year using these same inside jokes that only their camp friends understand.
Trading School Uniforms for Swimsuits
Kids spend all school year worried about their appearance. Summer camp gives them a break from the stress. It’s one of the few places in the world where swimsuits are practically an all-day every day requirement. Kids love being able to focus on feeling free rather than how they look. Whether waterskiing across the lake or diving into the pool for swimming lessons, nothing makes a summer more carefree than just being able to enjoy being comfortable.
Train in State-Of-The-Art Facilities
Even the nicest home rarely has all the amenities offered by camp. So, it feels like stepping into a world full of possibilities every time campers head outdoors to indulge in their daily activities. Kids who are serious about sports appreciate having the appropriate safety equipment nearby. Spotting belts and bungee systems allow them to learn complicated gymnastics moves without fear of getting hurt. Aerial silks and hoops are another summer camp favorite that kids can learn while under the guidance of a professional coach. With so many amenities available for physical activity, kids also discover that summer camp is a world where technology is no longer deemed so necessary.
Summer camp truly is a world of its own that every kid should experience. Whether they are excited about making new friends or are ready to take their sports skills to a new level, stepping into a beautiful outdoor environment is all it takes to allow them the freedom they need to thrive.

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Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Importance of Counselors at a Coed Adventure Camp

Summer camp counselors prove that you never can get too old for camp. Many of the best counselors are former campers who are ready to take on a leadership role. Although counselors are known for their wacky antics such as initiating a spontaneous water fight in the lake, they must also quickly know how to get serious when a situation requires a level head. From wiping those first day tears to helping kids conquer their fears, here are just a few reasons why camp counselors are vital to creating an idyllic summer experience.
Soothe Homesickness
Although kids quickly adjust to their new camp environment, those first few days can be a little rocky for younger campers. This is where camp counselors come in. Since counselors share cabins with new campers, they are in the perfect place at the right time to calm those nighttime feelings of homesickness. They also know how to plan so many activities during the day and evening cabin time that most kids don’t have a chance to truly get homesick.
Inspire Kids to Be Courageous
Coed adventure camps are designed to inspire kids to conquer their fears, and camp counselors know exactly when a kid could use a little extra nudge. Whether they are shouting words of encouragement during a competition or celebrating a camper’s first time up on the water skis, they make kids feel capable of making great leaps with their independence. Having the support of a camp counselor who is trained in first aid and CPR also gives kids confidence that they will be safe performing a new skill or activity.
Teach Kids How to Unplug
During the school year, many kids get caught up in technology that causes them to forget how to have fun without their favorite electronic device. At camp, counselors help kids find ways to spend their time doing wholesome outdoor activities that increase their physical fitness. They constantly have a list of activities running through their head to keep kids excited. And, when there is an unexpected change in the weather, a rainy day can be turned quickly into a fun bonding experience among cabin mates.
Give Campers a Positive Role Model
Camp counselors are older, yet their love for spending time outdoors allows them to retain that cool factor kids need when they are looking for a role model. Naturally, conflicts can happen when a group of kids are together. Counselors are always there to help youngsters learn how to resolve issues peacefully. They are also positive role models of how to take on something new and exciting such as soaring through the air on a trampoline in a safe and responsible manner.
At first glance, it looks as if camp counselors are just having fun. After all, no one can deny that spending a work day on the lake is ideal. Yet, it is important to remember that beneath all the excitement, camp counselors are looking after the safety and happiness of every kid in their group. Without trained counselors, there simply wouldn’t be camp since they shape every moment of each camper’s experience.

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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Summer Camp Specialty Programs for Kids

When people think about summer camp, they usually picture kids making crafts, swimming and roasting marshmallows around the campfire. While these are typical activities that you can expect at most summer camps, you should also know that camps today take adventure seeking to a whole new level. In specialty programs for kids at camp, campers spend most of their day immersed in their favorite athletic pursuits such as gymnastics. As you research your child’s options for a spectacular summer, here is what you should know about enrolling them in a specialty program.

Know the Differences Between Specialty Programs and General Camping

Every summer camp has that special something that makes it unique. Most camps offer general activities that are designed to keep campers of all ages and abilities engaged. In a general camping program, you can expect for kids to get to do all those things that you associate with summer camp such as hiking and canoeing. Specialty programs give them more time to delve deeply into their favorite hobbies. Since these types of lessons focus on a specific skill set, your child can advance in their favorite sport much faster while still enjoying general camping activities during the rest of their day.

Strike the Perfect Balance for Your Kid

Kids who are passionate about their favorite sport could spend every hour of every day immersed in their lessons. However, you also know that participating in general camping activities exposes them to new experiences that also have benefits. When you choose to enroll your youngster in a specialty program, they will have the reassurance of being able to wakeboard or perfect their skills on the trampoline for a set number of hours each day. There will be many additional activities to explore so that they never get bored.

Learn from Experienced Instructors

As your budding athlete advances in their skills, it is important to know that they are being trained by a professional instructor who knows how to keep them safe. Specialty programs at summer camp attract some of the best international and national coaches that have trained everyone from beginners to Olympic competitors. Receiving training from a coach with first-person knowledge of international competition, and what it takes to win, gives your kid a competitive edge when they return to their high school or community athletics program.

Practice in State-Of-The-Art Facilities

Once your child has surpassed your local community’s swimming or gymnastics lessons, it is important to continue to find ways to nurture their abilities. At specialty camps, they can learn how to perform waterskiing tricks on a natural lake with the highest quality equipment. Alternatively, they can strengthen their tumbling skills by using safety equipment such as overhead belts and bungee systems that most families do not have at home.

Getting kids out of the house and focused on meeting their goals is easy when you send them to summer camp. However, specialty programs take your child’s natural abilities and build them into professional skills that can stand up in competition. This summer, talk to your son or daughter about what goals they would like to achieve. Then find a program that allows them to customize their daily schedule to include your kid’s preferred area of specialization.
Canadian Adventure Camp is a North Ontario coed sleepover summer camp for kids located on a beautiful private island in the wilderness lakes region of Temagami. Founded in 1975, it  provides acclaimed programs to children from around the world! Visit site:

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

How Summer Camp Affects a Child's Self Confidence

Every parent’s goal is to raise a confident child. Giving your child the right types of experiences is important for building this critical personality trait. It’s true that some kids seem to be born with more confidence than others. But even the shyest child can be encouraged to break out of their comfort zone.  Sending them to summer camp can be a great boost to their self-confidence. Time spent away from home, in a safe outdoor environment, can be very beneficial for kids. There are a lot of experiences they may not be able to get anywhere else but at camp.

Conquer Natural Fears with Positive Support

Parents of first-time campers often discover their child has a few fears that have gone undetected. For example, many children fear spending the night away from home. Summer camp counselors are always prepared to offer compassionate support to help them overcome homesickness. From learning to swim, to overcoming a fear of heights, your child will find it easier to tackle new challenges when they have the support of their peers.

Develop Unique Skill Sets

Confidence is often formed while learning new skills that lead to major accomplishments. For instance, your child will feel more confident meeting new people when they have adventures to share in conversations such as learning how to white water raft or bicycle through the countryside. Whether your child masters a new gymnastics skill that helps them win a competition or they learn how to wakeboard, adding to their skill set makes them more comfortable in any situation.

Discover a Newfound Sense of Independence

Maturity is a sign of confidence. Children need to have room to develop their independence. At camp, youngsters will be responsible for things such as keeping their cabin space clean. And they will learn how to resolve conflicts successfully on their own under the guidance of summer camp staff. Discovering that they can be independent gives your child an extra boost to their self-esteem. This boost also transfers to academic and social activities once they get back home and in school.

Learn to Be a Leader

There is a reason why kids who outgrow camp return to be counselors. The camp experience gives every child opportunities to hone their leadership skills. They may be designated captain of their sports team. Or perhaps they’ll want to challenge themselves to lead a hike into the surrounding area. Taking on a leadership role helps build confidence to make decisions. Practicing good communications skills, and learning to draw out the strengths of team members, gives kids confidence in leading group activities that extends long after the season is over.

Those who have been to camp stand out from their peers in their ability to adapt to new situations and take on leadership roles away from home. Watching as your child leaves for camp may leave you feeling a slight twinge of anxiety, but seeing the changes in their self-esteem on their arrival back home is one experience that will have you looking forward to their next season at camp.

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Friday, April 7, 2017

North Ontario Sleepover Camp Fun: Water Aerobics for Kids

When kids go to sleepaway camp, their days are filled with exciting adventures that all add up to an idyllic summer. Northern Ontario provides the perfect backdrop for these adventures. 

There are pine trees that reach awe-inspiring heights. And the lakes are gorgeous. After being cooped up indoors all winter, kids look forward to their time in the water. 

Water aerobics is one activity they love to put on their schedule. It’s a fun-packed workout. And it provides a wide range of benefits…including the physical and emotional health of the participants. Of course, this makes parents very happy.

Enhance Athletic Skills

Keeping kids motivated to continuously improve their skills sometimes requires shaking up their normal exercise routine. Water aerobics helps kids develop grace and body awareness. It improves dance skills as well as gymnastics. 

The strengthening that takes place is also ideal for sprinters, basketball and football players. Moving against the resistance of water makes running across a field feel like a breeze.

Provide a Safer Workout

Water aerobics can be a rewarding activity for children with special needs. It’s a more comfortable alternative to strenuous physical activities. For example, a child with joint pain or swelling can benefit from low-impact exercise. 

It increases their heart rate without the discomfort of running and jumping. Coaches in water-aerobics classes encourage each kid to go at their own pace. They make individual modifications as necessary. This allows all the campers to participate without worrying about over-exertion.

Build Muscle Safely

Kids are often inspired by body builders and professional athletes. This can tempt them to lift more weights than their developing bodies should handle. Water provides the perfect amount of resistance for strengthening muscles. 

It also allows them to strengthen one group of muscles without straining others. For example, they can build up the muscles in their legs without straining their back or neck. Over the course of a summer session, regular water-aerobic workouts can help teenagers develop the toned look they want.

Develop a Sense of Camaraderie

Water aerobics are just plain fun. And camp coaches make it a goal to include unexpected elements in their workouts. One goal is to get kids socializing. 

Whether doing a partner exercise or splashing about with pool noodles, group workouts allow them all to have so much fun they forget it’s exercise. Kids always look forward to seeing their friends at water-aerobics class. This helps them stay motivated to keep up with their exercise routines.

Increase Comfort in the Water
Camp counselors are great at building confidence in nervous campers around the water. But it is normal for some to hesitate when it comes to jumping into the lake. 

Water aerobics is a nice, non-threatening activity. It lets kids get their feet wet before graduating to bigger sports like wakeboarding. They gain a sense of how water feels with their movements. They become more comfortable about taking other safe risks. Soon they’re thinking “water skiing looks like fun.”

As your summer camper is filling up their daily schedule, suggest they try a water-aerobics class. It’s a perfect fit with the other exciting, wholesome activities. 

Your “camper” may have asthma and need an accommodating workout. Others may just want a break from traditional calisthenics. Hopping in the water is always a great option. It turns boring workouts into fun.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Choosing the Best Summer Camp in Northern Ontario

Spending the summer at camp in Northern Ontario gives kids the opportunity to explore the beauty of nature in one of the world’s most beautiful environments. From waterskiing across Lake Temagami to hiking through the forest, there is always an adventure to be enjoyed at summer camp. Kids naturally dive into the camp experience. Choosing the right one to meet their needs is essential for helping them get the most out of the experience. As you research potential camps, look for the following characteristics that demonstrate dedication toward helping every camper reach their full potential.

Established History and Traditions

Summer camps tend to get better with time since new activities and buildings are added every year. It is also important to be able to trust that your kids are safe when they are sleeping away from home. A camp that was established decades ago should have a long history of successful summers in their resume. Seeing former campers come back to work and visit gives kids positive role models. It adds to the sense of community that campers share.

Versatile Wilderness Location

Simply considering Northern Ontario puts your son or daughter in the right place for the summer of a lifetime. The camp you choose should place a high level of priority on creating an ideal outdoor playground for kids to explore. A summer camp located on a private island surrounded by lakes and pine trees does more than just create a picturesque setting. It allows kids to do things they might not ever do at home such as paddling a canoe across the lake for an overnight campout among the trees.

Warm Atmosphere and Caring Staff

While you know that each member of the staff at your desired summer camp is hired for their high levels of educational and athletic achievement, your youngsters will just think they are the coolest people they ever met. Make sure that the coaches in specialty areas such as trampoline and water sports have professional experience coaching. Another good sign is when many of the counselors once attended the camp as kids. Counselors boarding with the campers in the cabins is a plus. It is an important way to keep everyone safe. It gives the young ones someone they feel comfortable talking to if they experience a brief bout of homesickness or just have a question about the next day’s activities.

Exciting Activities and Camp Programs

The whole point of going to summer camp is to have an adventure. Make sure that the camp you pick pushes your child outside of their comfort zone. Participating in programs such as wakeboarding and kayaking encourages kids to take safe risks that develop their confidence. If your son or daughter is already serious about a sport such as recreational gymnastics, make sure the camp can support their developing skills. This helps them to keep improving over the summer.

The best summer camp is one that all the kids will look forward to returning to year after year. Everyone there starts to feel like one big extended family. Choose a summer camp that goes the extra mile by providing a unique location full of rich traditions and a wealth of exciting activities. Put your camper on the right track for having the summer experience of a lifetime.

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