Sunday, January 8, 2017

Cool Gymnastic Poses for Kids

Gymnastics is one sport that allows kids to stretch their ability to compete individually as athletes while also learning how to work as a team. While parents love the confidence that gymnastics classes promote as kids learn how to perform tricks under the safe guidance of an experienced instructor, kids find the sport alluring due to the wow factor of being able to “fly through the air”. While flips are impressive, some of the most challenging moves are those that are held in a static position. These cool gymnastics poses for kids emphasize poise while also developing the strength a gymnast needs to perform complicated routines.

Front and Back Scale
This standing balance move is required in most gymnastics floor routine competitions. Although it looks simple from the stands, it requires strong core muscles along with the ability to be able to do almost a full split. To perform a scale, a kid will simply bend forward or backward while placing one leg straight out as they stand on the other. Proper body alignment is critical for performing the pose correctly, which is important because the scale often is used to lead into other moves such as a forward roll.

Front and Straddle Splits
Splits demonstrate flexibility and it takes time for kids to master this position. Through consistent stretching exercises, kids can increase their flexibility until they are able to sit on the floor with their legs in a split position. It is also one move they can practice at home without any extra equipment so that they can continue working on their goal when they are not in class.

Handstands are an essential, gymnastics pose that is one of the first advanced skills that kids master. Usually, this skill is learned through different stages with kids first learning how to do a headstand before starting to use a wall for balance. As kids progress in their abilities, a spotter will assist them until this position can be held independently.

Many of the coolest gymnastics positions are designed to emphasize a gymnast’s strengths. A planche shows off upper body strength along with the athlete’s endurance. At first glance, a planche looks like a basic plank or push-up position, but it differs slightly due to how a gymnast places their weight on their upper body rather than distributing it all over. Over time, kids can even work their way up to lifting their feet and legs off the floor so that they balance completely on their hands.

This strength position is commonly used in men’s gymnastics, and it is performed on the parallel bars or rings. The L-Seat looks exactly like its name implies. To hold the position, a gymnast places their hands on the rings or bars and use their arms to maintain a lift while keeping their legs parallel to the floor. Since this position requires serious abdominal strength, it is one of the more advanced moves that kids work towards in their summer camp gymnastics classes.

While kids look forward to their time working on gymnastics equipment such as trampolines and balance beams, learning these positions helps them master skills both on the floor and as they fly through the air. Summer camps offer gymnastics classes that make perfecting these poses possible while always maintaining a safe environment for kids. This way, every kid can reach their full potential for mastering their goals as a gymnast.
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