Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Summer Camp - A World of Its Own

From the moment that kids arrive at summer camp, it becomes obvious that they have entered a completely different world. After all, the tranquil atmosphere created by tall pine trees and clear water on the lake instantly invites kids to just relax and enjoy the experience. As the summer hits full swing, it becomes clear that kids will be able to create a beautiful world that can only be understood by others who join them for their camping adventures.
Meet New Friends That Become Family
Cabin life is full of surprises. One of the first discovered by kids is that homesickness quickly goes away when they are having fun with their bunk mates. Late night stories, shared living spaces and eating meals together all make campers feel like one big happy family. Forming these bonds allow kids to build their sense of identity. Outside of the cabin, kids also quickly make new friends through shared interests. It is common to hear kids excitedly exclaiming with wonder as they find friends that love the same things they do.
Create Inside Jokes That No One Else Gets
As those friendships take hold, kids begin to form bonds that result in inside camper jokes that no one outside of camp fully understands. Nicknames can hold more than one meaning. Kids love reminding each other of how much fun they had by recalling old stories about their adventures. Being able to make a friend laugh with a single word or silly look is an amazing feeling that kids enjoy at camp. Many campers keep up with each other during the school year using these same inside jokes that only their camp friends understand.
Trading School Uniforms for Swimsuits
Kids spend all school year worried about their appearance. Summer camp gives them a break from the stress. It’s one of the few places in the world where swimsuits are practically an all-day every day requirement. Kids love being able to focus on feeling free rather than how they look. Whether waterskiing across the lake or diving into the pool for swimming lessons, nothing makes a summer more carefree than just being able to enjoy being comfortable.
Train in State-Of-The-Art Facilities
Even the nicest home rarely has all the amenities offered by camp. So, it feels like stepping into a world full of possibilities every time campers head outdoors to indulge in their daily activities. Kids who are serious about sports appreciate having the appropriate safety equipment nearby. Spotting belts and bungee systems allow them to learn complicated gymnastics moves without fear of getting hurt. Aerial silks and hoops are another summer camp favorite that kids can learn while under the guidance of a professional coach. With so many amenities available for physical activity, kids also discover that summer camp is a world where technology is no longer deemed so necessary.
Summer camp truly is a world of its own that every kid should experience. Whether they are excited about making new friends or are ready to take their sports skills to a new level, stepping into a beautiful outdoor environment is all it takes to allow them the freedom they need to thrive.

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