Friday, April 7, 2017

North Ontario Sleepover Camp Fun: Water Aerobics for Kids

When kids go to sleepaway camp, their days are filled with exciting adventures that all add up to an idyllic summer. Northern Ontario provides the perfect backdrop for these adventures. 

There are pine trees that reach awe-inspiring heights. And the lakes are gorgeous. After being cooped up indoors all winter, kids look forward to their time in the water. 

Water aerobics is one activity they love to put on their schedule. It’s a fun-packed workout. And it provides a wide range of benefits…including the physical and emotional health of the participants. Of course, this makes parents very happy.

Enhance Athletic Skills

Keeping kids motivated to continuously improve their skills sometimes requires shaking up their normal exercise routine. Water aerobics helps kids develop grace and body awareness. It improves dance skills as well as gymnastics. 

The strengthening that takes place is also ideal for sprinters, basketball and football players. Moving against the resistance of water makes running across a field feel like a breeze.

Provide a Safer Workout

Water aerobics can be a rewarding activity for children with special needs. It’s a more comfortable alternative to strenuous physical activities. For example, a child with joint pain or swelling can benefit from low-impact exercise. 

It increases their heart rate without the discomfort of running and jumping. Coaches in water-aerobics classes encourage each kid to go at their own pace. They make individual modifications as necessary. This allows all the campers to participate without worrying about over-exertion.

Build Muscle Safely

Kids are often inspired by body builders and professional athletes. This can tempt them to lift more weights than their developing bodies should handle. Water provides the perfect amount of resistance for strengthening muscles. 

It also allows them to strengthen one group of muscles without straining others. For example, they can build up the muscles in their legs without straining their back or neck. Over the course of a summer session, regular water-aerobic workouts can help teenagers develop the toned look they want.

Develop a Sense of Camaraderie

Water aerobics are just plain fun. And camp coaches make it a goal to include unexpected elements in their workouts. One goal is to get kids socializing. 

Whether doing a partner exercise or splashing about with pool noodles, group workouts allow them all to have so much fun they forget it’s exercise. Kids always look forward to seeing their friends at water-aerobics class. This helps them stay motivated to keep up with their exercise routines.

Increase Comfort in the Water
Camp counselors are great at building confidence in nervous campers around the water. But it is normal for some to hesitate when it comes to jumping into the lake. 

Water aerobics is a nice, non-threatening activity. It lets kids get their feet wet before graduating to bigger sports like wakeboarding. They gain a sense of how water feels with their movements. They become more comfortable about taking other safe risks. Soon they’re thinking “water skiing looks like fun.”

As your summer camper is filling up their daily schedule, suggest they try a water-aerobics class. It’s a perfect fit with the other exciting, wholesome activities. 

Your “camper” may have asthma and need an accommodating workout. Others may just want a break from traditional calisthenics. Hopping in the water is always a great option. It turns boring workouts into fun.