Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Importance of Counselors at a Coed Adventure Camp

Summer camp counselors prove that you never can get too old for camp. Many of the best counselors are former campers who are ready to take on a leadership role. Although counselors are known for their wacky antics such as initiating a spontaneous water fight in the lake, they must also quickly know how to get serious when a situation requires a level head. From wiping those first day tears to helping kids conquer their fears, here are just a few reasons why camp counselors are vital to creating an idyllic summer experience.
Soothe Homesickness
Although kids quickly adjust to their new camp environment, those first few days can be a little rocky for younger campers. This is where camp counselors come in. Since counselors share cabins with new campers, they are in the perfect place at the right time to calm those nighttime feelings of homesickness. They also know how to plan so many activities during the day and evening cabin time that most kids don’t have a chance to truly get homesick.
Inspire Kids to Be Courageous
Coed adventure camps are designed to inspire kids to conquer their fears, and camp counselors know exactly when a kid could use a little extra nudge. Whether they are shouting words of encouragement during a competition or celebrating a camper’s first time up on the water skis, they make kids feel capable of making great leaps with their independence. Having the support of a camp counselor who is trained in first aid and CPR also gives kids confidence that they will be safe performing a new skill or activity.
Teach Kids How to Unplug
During the school year, many kids get caught up in technology that causes them to forget how to have fun without their favorite electronic device. At camp, counselors help kids find ways to spend their time doing wholesome outdoor activities that increase their physical fitness. They constantly have a list of activities running through their head to keep kids excited. And, when there is an unexpected change in the weather, a rainy day can be turned quickly into a fun bonding experience among cabin mates.
Give Campers a Positive Role Model
Camp counselors are older, yet their love for spending time outdoors allows them to retain that cool factor kids need when they are looking for a role model. Naturally, conflicts can happen when a group of kids are together. Counselors are always there to help youngsters learn how to resolve issues peacefully. They are also positive role models of how to take on something new and exciting such as soaring through the air on a trampoline in a safe and responsible manner.
At first glance, it looks as if camp counselors are just having fun. After all, no one can deny that spending a work day on the lake is ideal. Yet, it is important to remember that beneath all the excitement, camp counselors are looking after the safety and happiness of every kid in their group. Without trained counselors, there simply wouldn’t be camp since they shape every moment of each camper’s experience.

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