Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Summer Camp Specialty Programs for Kids

When people think about summer camp, they usually picture kids making crafts, swimming and roasting marshmallows around the campfire. While these are typical activities that you can expect at most summer camps, you should also know that camps today take adventure seeking to a whole new level. In specialty programs for kids at camp, campers spend most of their day immersed in their favorite athletic pursuits such as gymnastics. As you research your child’s options for a spectacular summer, here is what you should know about enrolling them in a specialty program.

Know the Differences Between Specialty Programs and General Camping

Every summer camp has that special something that makes it unique. Most camps offer general activities that are designed to keep campers of all ages and abilities engaged. In a general camping program, you can expect for kids to get to do all those things that you associate with summer camp such as hiking and canoeing. Specialty programs give them more time to delve deeply into their favorite hobbies. Since these types of lessons focus on a specific skill set, your child can advance in their favorite sport much faster while still enjoying general camping activities during the rest of their day.

Strike the Perfect Balance for Your Kid

Kids who are passionate about their favorite sport could spend every hour of every day immersed in their lessons. However, you also know that participating in general camping activities exposes them to new experiences that also have benefits. When you choose to enroll your youngster in a specialty program, they will have the reassurance of being able to wakeboard or perfect their skills on the trampoline for a set number of hours each day. There will be many additional activities to explore so that they never get bored.

Learn from Experienced Instructors

As your budding athlete advances in their skills, it is important to know that they are being trained by a professional instructor who knows how to keep them safe. Specialty programs at summer camp attract some of the best international and national coaches that have trained everyone from beginners to Olympic competitors. Receiving training from a coach with first-person knowledge of international competition, and what it takes to win, gives your kid a competitive edge when they return to their high school or community athletics program.

Practice in State-Of-The-Art Facilities

Once your child has surpassed your local community’s swimming or gymnastics lessons, it is important to continue to find ways to nurture their abilities. At specialty camps, they can learn how to perform waterskiing tricks on a natural lake with the highest quality equipment. Alternatively, they can strengthen their tumbling skills by using safety equipment such as overhead belts and bungee systems that most families do not have at home.

Getting kids out of the house and focused on meeting their goals is easy when you send them to summer camp. However, specialty programs take your child’s natural abilities and build them into professional skills that can stand up in competition. This summer, talk to your son or daughter about what goals they would like to achieve. Then find a program that allows them to customize their daily schedule to include your kid’s preferred area of specialization.
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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

How Summer Camp Affects a Child's Self Confidence

Every parent’s goal is to raise a confident child. Giving your child the right types of experiences is important for building this critical personality trait. It’s true that some kids seem to be born with more confidence than others. But even the shyest child can be encouraged to break out of their comfort zone.  Sending them to summer camp can be a great boost to their self-confidence. Time spent away from home, in a safe outdoor environment, can be very beneficial for kids. There are a lot of experiences they may not be able to get anywhere else but at camp.

Conquer Natural Fears with Positive Support

Parents of first-time campers often discover their child has a few fears that have gone undetected. For example, many children fear spending the night away from home. Summer camp counselors are always prepared to offer compassionate support to help them overcome homesickness. From learning to swim, to overcoming a fear of heights, your child will find it easier to tackle new challenges when they have the support of their peers.

Develop Unique Skill Sets

Confidence is often formed while learning new skills that lead to major accomplishments. For instance, your child will feel more confident meeting new people when they have adventures to share in conversations such as learning how to white water raft or bicycle through the countryside. Whether your child masters a new gymnastics skill that helps them win a competition or they learn how to wakeboard, adding to their skill set makes them more comfortable in any situation.

Discover a Newfound Sense of Independence

Maturity is a sign of confidence. Children need to have room to develop their independence. At camp, youngsters will be responsible for things such as keeping their cabin space clean. And they will learn how to resolve conflicts successfully on their own under the guidance of summer camp staff. Discovering that they can be independent gives your child an extra boost to their self-esteem. This boost also transfers to academic and social activities once they get back home and in school.

Learn to Be a Leader

There is a reason why kids who outgrow camp return to be counselors. The camp experience gives every child opportunities to hone their leadership skills. They may be designated captain of their sports team. Or perhaps they’ll want to challenge themselves to lead a hike into the surrounding area. Taking on a leadership role helps build confidence to make decisions. Practicing good communications skills, and learning to draw out the strengths of team members, gives kids confidence in leading group activities that extends long after the season is over.

Those who have been to camp stand out from their peers in their ability to adapt to new situations and take on leadership roles away from home. Watching as your child leaves for camp may leave you feeling a slight twinge of anxiety, but seeing the changes in their self-esteem on their arrival back home is one experience that will have you looking forward to their next season at camp.

Canadian Adventure Camp is a North Ontario coed sleepover summer camp for kids located on a beautiful private island in the wilderness lakes region of Temagami. Founded in 1975, it  provides acclaimed programs to children from around the world! Visit site: