Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Getting Messy with Arts and Crafts

There is no doubt that kids love getting messy. Craft projects are the perfect place to start. They’re free to get elbows deep into their art. From finger paints to advanced sculpture, arts and crafts activities are perfect for keeping kids of all ages busy. And they love showing off their unique creations. This summer, keep your kids busy by exploring the many ways that summer camp encourages getting messy along with providing a fun and creative outlet.

Make Classic Camp Crafts
Parents sometimes shy away at the thought of getting clay in their carpet or dye stains on their walls. At summer camp, however, a designated arts and crafts building gives kids the freedom to fling a little paint without worrying about making mom and dad stress. The best part about these programs is that there are tons of materials available for the youngsters. With guidance from the counselors, they can create all kinds of art. Whether learning to make colorful friendship bracelets or tie-dyed t-shirts, a little “good and messy” creativity is always fun!

Enjoy the Creative Process
Generally, the messier the art project, the happier the kid. Playing with paint and other materials teaches them that being willing to take risks is part of the experience. Perhaps your child’s vase falls apart on the pottery wheel but they aren’t worried because they know that clay can always be reshaped. Or maybe they struggle with capturing the perfect sunrise on canvas. It’s okay. They’ll soon learn that tomorrow will present a chance to try again. Sometimes, art projects end up going in a completely different direction and that’s okay, too. Developing creativity is the only real goal in any messy arts and craft project.

Create Outdoor Art

Arts and crafts do not always involve quietly sitting at a table. Seriously messy art projects invite kids to use their whole bodies. They can shoot paint from water guns to make large outdoor art. Or they can splatter paint on a gigantic poster to show some cabin camaraderie. The goal is for kids to know that being creative is always fun. Whether it’s mud painting, decorating pet rocks or coloring the sidewalk with chalk, the sky is the limit for blending a love for the outdoors with a love for art.

Craft in An Interactive Atmosphere

When kids engage in messy art projects, they love pushing their friends to see who can get the messiest. In fact, it is not uncommon to see a few painted handprints scattered on campers as they get into the process of creating cool things. Working in a collaborative effort also fosters opportunities for kids to learn new skills from each other.

Somehow, even the oldest kids still love to get fully immersed in their arts and crafts projects. While adults tend to try to steer kids away from messy art, it is important to encourage the exploration of media such as clay and paint. An open work space is important for allowing kids the full freedom to develop their self-expression. And working in an arts and crafts building is an ideal place to hone their artistic skills. By providing your son or daughter with plenty of chances to really dive into their art projects, you will be teaching them the value of learning how to express their creativity.

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